my quantum bike

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Where It All Started

A quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction and in many ways this describes my quantum bike. We are a small, energy filled team that are all incredibly passionate about ebikes! 

The first spark came from a very normal conversation between two people in 2017 – allan kruger and robert guimond – at a bicycle trade show in montreal. the two co-founders hit it off right away and their combined passion, enthusiasm and drive set us down the path that we’re now on. very early on, robert and allan decided to focus on what they saw as the future of ebike transportation: folding and compact ebikes for the urban commuter. over a year later, my quantum bike is offering a growing product range in the compact and folding electric bike world, with 3 ebikes now available and 4 more to follow in the next year.

Robert has been in the electric bike industry for nearly 20 years; he was one of the first people to join bionx – an ebike conversion kit company based out of quebec – and was instrumental to their rapid growth. he was then recruited to develop and launch two european electric bike brands with fantastic commercial success. with his unique ability to know where the ebike industry is headed and his manufacturing experience, he was well positioned to develop my quantum bike with his co-founder.

Allan is newer to the electric assisted bike world but his passion and belief in this industry is unmatched. he has a keen business sense coupled with immense manufacturing and distribution experience. His charisma and ability to transmit his passion to everyone he speaks to will leave you wanting to know more about the wonderful world of ebikes! together, they form an unstoppable team that is disrupting the industry and flipping it on its head.


The Inspiration

The team at My Quantum Bike is constantly being inspired by the world around us. We decided to name our folding and compact electric bikes based on some of the more popular streets around the world and tried our best to find a name that embodied the culture of the street as well as our own personal experiences


Why Electric?

At My Quantum Bike, we believe that adopting the lifestyle that comes with owning an electric bike is an essential part of living an environmentally responsible and active way of life. We have long been believers that electric transportation – whether it be in buses, cars, subways or bicycles – is the way of the future. It used to be said that one of the signs of a prosperous country was the number of cars on the road. We beg to differ. Our team whole heartedly believes that a population that lives without these vehicles and instead gets around by bicycle is indicative of a more socially and environmentally conscious way of life.