my quantum bike

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Where It All Started

A quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction and in many ways this describes my quantum bike. We are a small, energy filled team that are all incredibly passionate about eBikes! 

Robert Guimond, one of the pioneers of the electric bike industry in North America, decided to found Quantum after noticing a need that wasn’t being addressed in the eBike market: folding and compact eBikes for the urban commuter. Over two years later, MyQuantumBike is offering a growing product range in the compact and folding electric bike world, with 2 eBikes now available and 4 more to follow in the next year.


The Inspiration

The team at MyQuantumBike is constantly being inspired by the world around us. We decided to name our folding and compact electric bikes based on some of the more popular streets around the world and tried our best to find a name that embodied the culture of the street as well as our own personal experiences. The Broadway (see picture to the left) is our first example of such inspiration.


Why Electric?

At MyQuantumBike, we believe that adopting the lifestyle that comes with owning an electric bike is an essential part of living an environmentally responsible and active way of life. We have long been believers that electric transportation – whether it be in buses, cars, subways or bicycles – is the way of the future. It used to be said that one of the signs of a prosperous country was the number of cars on the road. We beg to differ. Our team whole heartedly believes that a population that lives without these vehicles and instead gets around by bicycle is indicative of a more socially and environmentally conscious way of life.